Intuitive Creativity - Masterclass with Michael Dudok de Wit

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Intuitive creativity is my favorite subject, I'm constantly exploring it..

"The Red Turtle", the outstanding film co-produced by Studio Ghibli, nominated for an Oscar and a César and winner of the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival, will be one of the subjects of this exceptional masterclass given by its director, Michael Dudok de Wit. He will talk about the making of this feature, especially touching on the more personal side of the creation, the intentional use of symbols and metaphors, the passions and struggles and the subtle and difficult aspects of creative work. "Intuitive Creativity" will be illustrated by many visual examples.

This special masterclass will also focus on a selection of commented screenings from this major short films: "The Monk and the Fish" (1994), "Father and Daughter" (2000) and "The Aroma of Tea"...

Masterclass in English

In collaboration with the VAF – Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds

14th February – Studio 1

2:00 pm: welcome

2:30 pm: 1st part starts

4:00 pm: break

4:30 pm: 2nd part starts

5:30 pm: 2nd part ends

5:45 pm: Q&A session

6:30 pm: end

Prices: 35 € / 25 € (students under 26 yrs).


registration via portal MyVAF

info: or 02 502 70 11

From 16 years.

Saturday 17-02
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13:30 - OUFtivi Stand Photo
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13:45 - Drôles de petites bêtes
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14:00 - De dieren uit het Hakkebakkebos
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14:30 - Meeting Carlo Vogele
Conference in English.
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15:45 - Ivan Tsarévitch et la princesse changeante
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16:00 - Le Grand Méchant Renard et autres contes
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17:00 - WIP : Panique organique
Conference in French, without translation.
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17:45 - Best of Shorts 7 (documentaries)
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18:00 - Estonian Dreams - White Dreams
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18:00 - The Missing Link
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19:30 - Night is Short, Walk on Girl
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19:45 - Where it Floods
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20:00 - Priit Pärn
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21:00 - Performance V-H-S
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21:30 - La Nuit animée / Animeernacht
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21:45 - Un Homme est mort
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22:00 - Blame!
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22:45 - Performance V-H-S
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