Peter Földes: a Boy with a Bright Future

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N.F.B. - "Hunger - la Faim"

Originally from Hungary, English then French by adoption, Peter Földes (1924- 1977) was an artist, cartoonist, filmmaker, graphic designer and videographer. Veering towards Pop Art, he nevertheless refused to lock himself into one style. At the end of the sixties, he widened his research into computer assisted imagery, and these playful and emotional works were the first to sacrifice nothing to the demands of meaning. A programme to (re)-discover an inspired precursor.

France / Belgium, 1980, 95’

With Jean-Baptiste Garnero, Programme Curator for the CNC.

This programme was created by the CNC from its collections and in collaboration with the estate of Peter Földes. With support from the British Film Institute and the National Film Board of Canada.

Original version.

  • A Short Vision, Joan Földes, Peter Földes, GB, 1656, 6’
  • Plus vite, Peter Földes, FR, 1965, 8’
  • La Samaritaine « Gamma14 », Peter Földes, FR, 1974, 1’
  • Gourmandises Bahlsen, Peter Földes, FR, 1971, 52’’
  • Indesit Perroquet, Peter Földes, Dominique Rémont, FR, 1969, 20’’
  • Appétit d’oiseau, Peter Földes, FR, 1964, 13’
  • Un garçon plein d’avenir, Peter Földes, FR, 1965, 6’
  • Comics Bahlsen, Peter Földes, FR, 1973, 1’
  • La Faim, Peter Földes, CA, 1974, 11’
  • Chamade Guerlain, Peter Földes, FR, 1973, 20’’
  • Indesit Electroménager Gamme, Peter Földes, FR, 1972, 30’’
  • Au-delà du temps, Peter Földes, FR, 1976, 4’40’’
  • Rêve, Peter Földes, FR, 1977, 6’

From 16 years.