Paul Bush : My Beautiful, Stupid, Tealeaf Films

Ancient Mariner productions, Schattenkabinett

Paul Bush will introduce a programme of his most important films and talk about the decisions that shaped the work: the journey from art student to film-maker, how he fell in love with the single frame and the uses and misuses of story. He will show some behind-the-scenes movies and his current work in progress.

His Comedy, 1994, 8'

Furniture Poetry, 1999, 5'

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, 2001, 5'

While Darwin Sleeps, 2004, 5'

Paul Bush Talks, 2005, 2'

Lay Bare, 2012, 6'

Elegy, 2017, 6'

The Five Minute Museum, 2015, 6'

In the presence of Paul Bush

In partnership with Galeries Cinema

Total duration: about 1h20 '

Conference in English, without translation.

In partnership with Art faces Art and Galeries Cinema