Anima 2016, the movie

Belgian on the shores of the lake of Annecy
Anima 2016 - Belgian on the shores of the lake of Annecy
Discover here the 14 Belgian films presented in this year’s Official Selection at the Annecy International Animation Festival
Best of Anima 11
Anima 2016 - Best of Anima 11
Anima on this compilation brings together twelve short films, Belgian and international prizes in its 2015 edition.
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Anima is qualified by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the short animated film category.
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© Gilles Moins

It was a triumph for Peter Lord... and Morph for Aardman's 40th anniversary !

And I congratulate the success of this year's ANIMA Festival much! Thank you!

Chung Haetal
Executive Manger Korean cultural Center Brussels